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Soul Serenity Club Loyalty Programme

Loyalty Card\'s

Loyalty pays... but nowhere more than Soul Senses Spa & Wellness UAE!!!!

Launching our new Loyalty Card Module... The Soul Serenity Club.

The Customer Loyalty Program at the spa is to express our gratitude to our regular patrons as a thank you for visiting our outlets.


We want our customers to feel delighted and keep coming back to us and enjoy a unique experience every time.


These Cards will be serially coded and priced at:
AED:100/- + Service Tax.

*Conditions Apply.

Loyalty Cards can be purchased & used at any of our SSSW Centers / Outlets in the UAE.

Guest can avail a discount of 20% on all the future services at all our respective centers in the UAE.


* These Cards cannot be clubbed with any other offer / promotional modules or even any other Program

* These cards will have a validity of 12 months, each from the date of issuance.

* When the card is procured by the patron, a Welcome Credit of AED 50 shall be offered. This amount of AED 50 will be converting as well into the Loyalty Points, which will be added to our esteemed guests profile.

*These cards will be having a point system based redemption policy:

On spending 1 AED, guests can earn 1 Point which is like AED 100 spent = 100 Points earned.


The redemption process is as follows

100points = AED 10

Soul Senses Exclusive Gift Card

Seeking the perfect gift? How about an extraordinary wellness experience. Introducing the soul senses Gift Voucher.

Through this card, your privileged recipient can enjoy services worth the value of the card at any of the designated outlets. They\'ll always remember the experience, and the person who made it possible!