Welcome to Soul Senses Spa & Wellness…a universe of soothing sounds, invigorating aromas and relaxing touches. A sanctuary in itself where tranquility meets luxury and time stands still. Our intimate, world-class offering has been crafted to ensure that every detail provides you with an unparalleled experience. We have combined the best techniques and products with skilled professionals providing exclusive services to usher you into stillness and relaxation with vitality beyond imagination. Lose yourself in a number of our signature treatments or perhaps a package, specially designed to reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

Our treatments and therapies are inspired by the very meaning of the word soul has been deeply rooted in the heritage of wellness. By blending ancient secret techniques and ingredients, we offer the perfect amalgamation that shall heal the spirit itself.



Soul Senses Spa & Wellness. Born out of a sincere understanding and passion for wellness. Our wide ranges of products contain only natural oils & herbs. Soul Senses Spa offers a diverse range of treatments to suit all your needs. Our team of professional therapists will tailor each step of your treatments and therapies to suit your individual requirements. Soul Senses Spa and Wellness provides the best spa services in UAE. 

So enjoy our opulent and lavish hospitality & experience the essence of Soul Senses Spa & Welness, wherein we take your stress & pain away. We promise to deliver the most outstanding therapies which have been specifically structured to restore the balance and equilibrium of ones Mind & Body..


Here is an array of spa services and treatments crafted exclusively by our spa masters. At Soul Senses… there is something for everyone:

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Our Belief

We believe in a very simple philosophy......


Our wellness journey commenced in 2012, and ever since… We are proudly rendering our professional & hallmarked services which we strive to upgrade & update with the latest trends in the glamorized world of wellness. We are a 360°s degree wellness destination, where in we cater to the most important four segments of rediscovering your true self with the essential

4S’s of life which are  SPA / SKIN / SALOON / SLIMMING.......

Our Values

Soul Senses Spa & Wellness emphasizes upon strong and ethical values which implicit upon our day to day aspects of the wellness industry. We always aim to improve and grow. We value skill, expertise and care. We are conscious about our environment. We honor every single member of our Soul Senses Spa & Wellness family. We seek harmony and balance at our work place.

Our soothing and nourishing treatments at Soul Senses Wellness ensures for ultimate inner peace like never before. Your spa journey will begin as you descend the candlelit walkway, lined with tranquil Luxuries for ultimate pampering. Our spa treatments are customized to realize your personal health and wellness goals.

We want you to live well… to truly live your life at its best and not simply exist as a shadow of the glorious being that you have the potential to be. Come live wellness the Soul Senses Way.